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Hello My Avon Peeps!

I now am doing a Avon Giveaway the last Saturday of Every month. We've already done 2, and I've given over 200.00 worth of Avon products away. How do you get Raffle tickets for the Giveaway drawing?

First If you haven't registered yet, once you register you get 1 free Entry ticket..just as easy as that. If you shop the E-store you will get 1 Raffle ticket for every 10.00 you spend. If you are doing a direct delivery your tickets will be mailed out to you or the numbers will be emailed to you. For the whole Month, every time you shop Avon you earn Raffle tickets..

Then on the last Saturday, On my Facebook page

I will go Live at 8 pm and draw the tickets from my jug!~ It's that simple. You all have 1 week to claim your prizes or I will pull another ticket 1 week from the original Drawing.. One of the giveaways this Month will be the new Absolute Fragrance by Avon. Featured in Brochure 9 which were starting Right now! Need a brochure? Send me a message and request one. I will send you out My Avon welcome package with enough materials to last you 1 month.FREE

Have fun

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