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If you are registered already, No sweat. Just place a regular order like you always do. you will get 1 entries for every 10 dollars you spend. If you clicked on the Get offer button on Facebook, All you need to do is Register here at my Personal Avon E-store. 1 Entry for Registering. If your new and you place an order using my Personal website, You will get 5 entries for every 10.00 you spend. All names and entries will be posted on my Judy's Friends and Avon Facebook page by Feb 15th, I am giving away Mark's Eye Day Dream of Glam Eyeshadow palette Value $40

And 2 Jars of our new Nutra Effects with Chia Seeds. Good Luck!

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Hey Everyone Join my on my new Facebook page

My Avon Facebook Store! Every other Tuesday Starting Feb. 14th at 1 pm,

I will go live for about 30 minutes, showing Everyone what's new, What's coming out ,

giving away free samples and products and so much more.. All Avon!

Here is the link Come in and Like my page and Join up! It's that easy!

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Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick